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Ruth Keenan » Meet Ms. Keenan!

Meet Ms. Keenan!

Hi there!  My name is Ruth Keenan, my title is Pre-K Bilingual Teacher and this is my 6th year in education. My 4th year in Pre-K and 2nd year at OME Pre-K Center. I was rookie of the year last year when I started at the Pre-k center! I am excited to start a new year at OME and meeting new faces. I believe it is important for you to know about me, after all your child and I will be spending a lot of time together and I will be responsible for their learning during this school year. 
My full name as mentioned is Ruth Keenan.
I was born in Mexico City and mainly raised in Plano/Frisco Texas. 
I have lived in Mexico, Texas, Florida and Michigan.
I have visited 29 countries and 38 US states.
I love traveling and exploring new places.
I love animals, I have all types of reptiles, 2 dogs and a cat.
If you ask me if I have kids, I will say about 20, I call my students kids and I have a stepson,my fiance adopted when born and I simply refer to him as my son, because, even if he is not with us full time nor blood related, he is my kid. 
I am engaged to get married in April!
I am vegeterian. I do eat animal products like cheese and ice cream, I just do not eat any meat including sea food.
I am open to any questions, never hesitate to ask me anything, if I do not know, I will find out!
Let's have an amazing year!