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Meet Your School Counselor

 I am very proud to be working at Oak Meadows Elementary School as a School Counselor. I hope to have a wonderful school year 2017-2018. Talking about my professional career, I have obtained my masters in Education as an Educational Diagnostician in the year 2003 in the University of Texas-Panamerican. I continued with my studies at Angelo State University in the area of Guidance and School Counseling which I finished in the year of 2015. I have 19 years of experience in education, 17 years teaching Mathematics, ESL and Spanish. This year I have the opportunity to work as a School Counselor with the goal of making a difference in the life of our students.
I will be teaching to the students the "Second Step Program" which is a wonderful program that help students to have empathy, to learn how to solve problems, to learn about respect and The Golden Rule. This program also teach students strategies to help them to control their emotions and learn of healthy ways to cope with problems. Students will benefit also from other programs like Creative Action, where is a program where it provides to the students a series of interactive,research-based arts programs for grades PreK-7,
in which teaching artists visit the classrooms to engage the students in drama,role play, songs, group discussions and team games related to social justice and emotional education.