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Families attend OME Pre-K Center Open House

Dozens of families came to Oak Meadows Elementary School Thursday to see the new Prekindergarten Center their children will be attending in the spring semester.

The center is a freestanding building that was built specifically to host Pre-K students and classes. Many of the accommodations, such as the furniture, are lower to the ground.

The facility will feature a mix of Spanish-speaking and English-speaking classrooms, and the Pre-K teachers will have the most up-to-date early education curriculum available.

While plans are still underway, the center is the first of a planned three Pre-K centers in the district. The location and timeline of the other two centers is yet to be decided.

Also in attendance at the OME Pre-K Center Open House were Superintendent Dr. Royce Avery as well as MISD Board of Trustees President Marlin Thomas, and Board Members Johnny R. Velasco, Janie Serna, and Monique Celedon.
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